Our Agency is commited to provide quality health care, physical and emotional comfort to all its clients in a fashion of unparalleled excellence. We are commited to work within the financial means of all our clients while bringing quality care to the home care environment and treating each person with respect and compassion.

Our staff recognizes the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each person. We strive to extend the highest level of courtesy and services to clients, care givers, families, visitors, and to teach others.

To be able to continue to provide state of the art services, our Agency engages in a wide range of public education, as well as staff education activities.

We continually strive to create an atmosphere of team work and foster participation trough continuous performance improvement. These activities enhance the pursuit of excellence and perpetuate a sense of personal pride in the areas of staff development as well as enhance organizational outcomes. We believe we can only be succesfull trough the employment and retention of quality personnel in the Agency. Our financial viability is maintained through a cost efficient operation to be able to meet our long-term commitment with our Community.

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